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Apollo Energy Tech Services

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We draw from over 50 years of building services' experience to bring you a range of industry leading renewable energy solutions that address the problem of spiralling energy costs. When you contact us, you’ll get a professional service from knowledgeable and experienced people. We will attend your premises and conduct an assessment to determine how you currently consume your energy and identify where the great Apollo Energy Tech Services savings can be made. 

Energy Assessment and Monitoring

We complete a FREE Energy Assessment on your building to establish where you can reduce your carbon emissions, which products would best work with your business and how to save money too.

Our Products

Procurement auction hammer

On average, businesses are overcharged between 3% and 5% for their energy. Complicated and confusing invoices; coupled with lack of time mean that energy bills are often paid without question. We can decode energy bills so you understand what you're paying. We also enter your energy invoices into a reverse auction to not only renegotiate how much you're paying for your energy, but which company supplies your energy.

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four stacks of coins, highest on the left leading to lowest on the right Management

Managing your energy use doesn't have to be difficult or complicated- let us help. Our experience and knowledge, together with our fully supported service and training ensures that you can not only manage your energy use, but that you understand your business energy use.

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energy efficient lightbulb inside a traditional light bulb Energy Efficiency

We have a range of energy efficient technologies to ensure that your business can save money- from replacing inefficient lighting to installing generation technologies. We use information from the energy audit to determine the best energy efficient practices and products for your business.

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cut out image of white wind turbine Renewables

Installing generation technologies will save money on your bills and generate money for your business too. We don't recommend installing generation technologies unless they're suitable for your business. We manage the whole installation process from planning permissions to connection to the national grid.

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Independent, Unbiased Advice Image of a number of professional looking people At Apollo Energy Tech we pride ourselves on being independent and offering unbiased advice, providing a range of different energy efficiency solutions to suit your business. Using our carefully selected range of technologies we can lower your energy consumption and reduce your carbon emissions, allowing you to demonstrate your green credentials to customers, lowering your dependence on power companies and their ever increasing prices.

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